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Coaching for Educators
Wellbeing and Training for Staff and Parents

Let me introduce myself...

Hello - my name is Claire. I am a qualified Life Coach and registered NLP practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

As a parent with over 20 years of teaching experience I bring a wealth of skills, knowledge and understanding to my coaching practice. Kaleidoscope Coaching supports individual parents, educators and children.

Kaleidoscope Coaching offers a friendly, focused  and non-judgemental approach to managing change and challenge in our busy lives. 

YOUNG PEOPLE - those children and young people who need dedicated, impartial support in addressing their concerns. 

  • Coaching people to understand themselves better.

  • Giving them the tools to make more informed choices for themselves.

  • Supporting them in managing change and making their own choices.

Professionally supporting change and growth.

PARENTS & EDUCATORS - whether we need a hand in getting back onto a clearer path in our own lives, or a better understanding of how to help our children, Coaching helps us to take a realistic step back and assess the best 'next steps' for ourselves.

Kaleidoscope Coaching is there for individuals, parents, carers and educators, to assist them in finding the right path in delivering their duty of care whilst maintaining their own mental wellbeing. 

It is there to address personal goals as well as professional ones.

Making a tangible investment in personal wellbeing.



"I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Claire, I felt very comfortable spending time with her and our conversation was enlightening and very useful to me. The three sessions were just right, I felt the sessions worked well and went very fast! 

Claire is very easy to talk to, good fun and great at what she does!"


LSA: Worked successfully on building confidence and motivation to implement changes

What is coaching?

Kaleidoscope Coaching offers professional, high-quality support for people who want to make positive changes in their lives. Including help with:

  • understanding their options

  • setting attainable goals

  • engaging with the positives of teaching and learning

  • positive decision-making

  • managing change

  • planning for the future

  • addressing anxieties and phobias

What is N.L.P?

N.L.P. enriches and informs the coaching process by the careful use of positive thinking, visualisation and language. It supports people in making changes and building confidence.

A better understanding of how our brains work brings new strategies for managing change

Who is Kaleidoscope Coaching for?

Kaleidoscope Coaching offers support  to educators who are looking for a safe space from which to re-set and move forwards.

Why Kaleidoscope?

The kaleidoscope represents my personal vision for change.

The key message of the Kaleidoscope metaphor is this:

The person holding the kaleidoscope is in charge of the process and has the clearest vision of the changes it makes


Kaleidoscope Coaching offers Staff Meeting input and INSET training on the fundamentals of coaching for wellbeing and understanding how our brains work (NLP). Both of which offer ways to take that knowledge with us into our personal and educational lives.


Written articles on coaching for Wellbeing for staff CPD 

Get in Touch 

Step one

Click here to arrange an initial phone conversation.


Once booked, I will phone you at your chosen time for a friendly, no obligation assessment to establish if Kaleidoscope Coaching is right for you and how we will best proceed.

This initial phone call takes around 20 minutes and is free of charge.

Sessions can be held

  • online (Zoom)

  • in-person

  • Or 'Walk and Talk' options can be arranged depending on the individual circumstances and location

Sessions typically last an hour.

Sessions are usually booked in a bundle of 3 and are payable in advance

  • Single Session - £45

Step three

Step two

Book an Appointment

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