Walk Your Talk

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Life Coaching is a really powerful process for helping you to see your life differently,  acknowledge the areas you want to change then make a plan of how to get there.

However, you need to take the action needed for the plan to work – it doesn’t just happen, you need to walk your talk.

So if you’ve had a really powerful life coaching session, you are normally keen to get started right away and often people charge full steam ahead immediately following the appointment.

Walk your Talk

As you begin to see change and that you are moving to where you want to be it can be very exciting and the momentum builds as you start to take back control of your life and make progress.

The trick is to keep going when the initial enthusiasm wanes or when something hasn’t worked out exactly as you planned it.

Rather than being disheartened, keep walking your talk so that you do get to your planned destination.

Don’t take a stop / start approach – small baby steps done consistently over time is the best way.

If you are trying to lose weight or change jobs or look for a relationship, don’t let a bad day or a disappointing result stop you from getting to your ultimate goal.

Instead acknowledge it, refocus on your goal and move forwards. Don’t waste time and energy ruminating over it and feeling guilty or annoyed with yourself or the situation – use that energy purposefully to propel you forwards.

Working with a life coach is the perfect way to help you to keep walking your talk.

If you know that you are meeting someone neutral every couple of weeks and that you are making an investment in terms of time and finance for the sole purpose of talking through your progress in meeting your goal, this can be a very powerful motivator.

It’s important to really want to achieve your goal and that its something that you are doing for yourself and that you are passionate about. Have a really good, solid reason as to WHY you want to achieve your goal.

Any big change requires effort, energy and time. Its important to be prepared to invest that in order to move forwards.

If something is stopping you, identify what it is and break it down into small chunks and identify what needs to happen next. Work logically through these small steps  – added together they become a big stepping stone to progressing forwards to meeting your goals.


If you are interested in working with a coach to help make this happen, please contact me

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