6 Tips to Make Your Self Talk Positive

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Can you locate your inner voice – that internal monologue or verbal stream of words that is always there inside your head?

Is it working for you or is it working against you? self talk

If it is working for you, then you are likely to be upbeat, happy and confident about your life and the opportunities that the world presents. positive self talk

Positive self talk

Your self talk or inner voice is likely to positive and kind. You treat yourself as you would a best friend or loved one. You will be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses and you will be making the most of the positives, turning up the volume on what’s going well and turning down the volume on the negatives.

If your self talk is negative and you are consistently feeding yourself with negative, critical messages then you are likely to feel down, anxious and lack confidence.

The way that we are spoken to as children is in part responsible for a negative inner voice. If you were told you were ‘useless’ or ‘stupid’ repeatedly over and over again through the years – that is what shapes your inner voice and your self-belief.

The good news is that it is possible to challenge the negative voice and change your thoughts and ultimately the beliefs you hold about yourself.

It won’t happen overnight – there is no magic wand, but, but in time and with consistently positive messaging then things can change.

This is an area that I work in regularly and here are 6 tips to help start the process:


  • Become aware of the voice – is it helping or hindering you? Become conscious of it, write down some of the words and phrases that it uses over the course of a few days.


  • Acknowledge if it has a positive or negative influence on your thoughts, emotions and behaviour?


  • If positive, it’s a great tool to have and will propel you to make the most of life and the opportunities it offers.


  • If negative, then understand that it plays a role in supporting our negative self-image. Start by drafting some alternative phrases you could say to yourself and take time to replace the old messaging.


  • Locate and identify the voice – give it a silly name, visualise it and give it a ridiculous voice. You cannot let it win, so do what you need to do to turn down its volume and focus on the nurturing, kind words that you are replacing it with.


  • Work with a professional who can suggest a raft of tips and techniques to help you take control and make changes.


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