Life Coaching

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Working with a Life Coach helps you to look objectively at all aspects of your life as it currently stands and working out which areas are fulfilling you and which aren’t. Life Coaching West Lothian¬†


All too often, we get caught up on the treadmill of daily life. Taking time out to meet with a Life Coach is the perfect way to get back in control and make changes. Life Coach Edinburgh


Once you identify which aspects you want to change, I help you to create goals for the future, then stay on track to achieve these.


You will check in with your Life Coach regularly to ensure that you maintain focus and to give you the opportunity to discuss your thoughts, feelings, successes and challenges as well as talk through coping strategies as required.


Life Coaching is always led by the wishes of the client, so you will never hear me telling you what I think you should do, after all you are the expert in your own life. Repeating the same old patterns simply gives you the same old results, so why not try a fresh approach?


As your Life Coach, I am completely neutral so I have no vested interest in whatever decisions you make, other than helping you to move forward.


I currently meet clients online using Zoom, WhatsApp and Skype depending on your preference, sometimes combining life coaching with hypnotherapy if appropriate.


Sessions take 1 hour, with the exception of the first. Life coaching Edinburgh