Issues Treated

Stress & Anxiety West Lothian Hypnotherapy & Life Coach

Feeling anxious, stressed, irritable? Finding it difficult to relax, unwind and sleep? I can help you get to the root of your stress and anxiety, guide you through any big changes you need to make to improve the situation and also provide you with a variety of life coaching tools and coping strategies to help you reduce stress and make you feel like you again. Life Coaching West Lothian

Phobias West Lothian Life Coach

Flying, driving or spiders make you go weak at the knees? I can help you by using hypnosis for these and all other phobias at my clinics in Edinburgh and West Lothian.


Bad Habits  Edinburgh Life Coach

Wish you could give up nail biting, negative thoughts, Facebook or junk food? Try a combination of coaching & hypnosis to kick whatever bad habit is getting in your way and provide you with healthier coping strategies. Contact me for life coaching and hypnotherapy in Edinburgh or West Lothian.


Public Speaking Life Coach Edinburgh

Are you someone who would do anything other than present in public? Get the skills you need in a safe and private environment to become a confident public speaker.


Self Confidence Life Coaching Edinburgh

Do you lack confidence and feel that it is holding you back from what you really want to achieve? I can help using a range of life coaching tools and techniques so that your inner voice is working for you rather than against you.  Edinburgh Life Coach  


Weight Issues & Body Image Life Coaching West Lothian

Want to lose weight, become fitter or change your attitude to food or your body? Hypnotherapy and life coaching can help work out what’s at the root of the issue then help you establish new behaviours.


Exam Nerves Life Coaching in Edinburgh

Does the thought of an exam stop you from progressing in your career, does learning to drive scare you? I can work with you to help you through. You will learn new coping strategies that will open up new opportunities for you.


Difficult Decisions Life Coaching in Edinburgh

Is your mind going round in circles trying to decide which way to turn? Often talking things through with someone totally removed from your everyday life and with no vested involvement in the outcome can help you see the woods from the trees, helping you to work through your options, find more then start taking baby steps to move forward to reach a solution.


Peak Performance Hypnotherapy West Lothian

Looking to up your game in any sport, hobby or activity? Coaching and hypnosis is a really effective way to improve your performance using various mind tools including positive self talk and visualisation with someone in the background you will act as your champion.


Pure Relaxation  Hypnotherapy West Lothian

Imagine investing an hour of your time to unplug, then relax utterly and completely guided by an experienced hypnotherapist who can help you achieve the most relaxing state you have ever experienced. Contact me today for hypnotherapy in West Lothian or Edinburgh.