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Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to induce a heightened state of relaxation. Hypnosis West Lothian | Hypnotherapy Edinburgh


Therapy is given when you become deeply relaxed and when the unconscious mind becomes highly receptive to new or alternative perspectives and ideas. Hypnosis allows the unconscious mind to become a fantastic resource to help resolve issues, modify behaviours, attitudes and emotions. Hypnosis Edinburgh 


Hypnotherapy can be used to treat a wide variety of issues, including: stress, anxiety, confidence, positive thinking, weight loss, phobias, bad habits, nail biting, exam nerves, blushing and more. Hypnotherapy Edinburgh


This treatment should only be administered by a qualified hypnotherapist. It’s a pleasant, safe and relaxed state with no known side effects; it’s a drug free, natural alternative to help treat common ailments. Hypnotherapy Edinburgh


You are in control at all times and would not do or say anything that you would not do in your usual wakeful state. It is nothing like the hypnotist stage shows that you see on TV.


Sessions last for 1 hour with the exception of the initial session which is 90 minutes. During the Covid-19 pandemic, I do online only sessions. Hypnotherapy Edinburgh