Feeling stuck ? Unclear about your life purpose or the future ?

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Over the years, I have worked with many different clients who have come for Life Coaching & / or Hypnosis. Sometimes its for a very particular issue like weight loss; presentation skills or confidence skills but in recent years, I’m finding more and more clients come feeling stuck,  unclear what they want out of life, thinking about their true life purpose and asking themselves if they plan to spend the second half of their life in a similar way to the first half.

life purpose

Life coaching and hypnosis can both be used very effectively for this. The first session with a new client is always a coaching session  – a chance to get to know each other a little and start drawing out some of the thoughts, feelings and emotions about what has brought the client in search of help.

Life Coaching is a very focussed conversation like no other. My role as coach is to help the client map their goals for the future and draw out the solutions from them – a bit like a mirror, my role is to reflect back what is being said and to help raise your awareness of what is happening in the client’s life and why –  more importantly, how they are going to make the change happen and establish if they are prepared to put in the focus, work and effort to actually do it.

When I say a conversation like no other, what I mean is that it’s all about the client – they won’t hear anything about me so its very different to having a chat with friends and family. The conversation is quite structured, though flows naturally and works on various levels. I will be asking lots of questions and listening very attentively to responses.

I listen and watch for clues, taking notes and encouraging my client to write notes too. In our fast moving society today, it feels good to be truly listened to for an entire 60 minutes.

Sometimes quite naturally, we trot out the same old responses to familiar questions – everyone generally say’s they are ‘fine’ when asked, but often our body talk or the tone of our voices gives away our true feelings.

As a coach, I help clients become aware of that and dig a bit deeper to get to the real nub of the issue, then work with them to help draw out what would need to have happened for them to feel that they are achieving their true life purpose or feeling happier on their chosen path. This includes work to draw out the client’s values, passions and strengths.

Hypnosis, although very different can also be a useful tool to help clients reconnect with what is truly important to them. The subconscious mind is an extremely powerful resource that can provide answers to clients when they are deeply, deeply relaxed.

Old memories, passions, inspiring thoughts can all be drawn to the surface as clients are relaxed and drifting in a dreamlike state. Sometimes, I ask clients to visualise how their life will be in various timeframes in the future which can be very effective to help with goal setting.

Contact me today for 1:2:1 coaching / hypnosis or to try my online Be Your Own Life Coach course to identify your own path to happiness and contentment.

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