6 Tips to Make Your Self Talk Positive

Can you locate your inner voice – that internal monologue or verbal stream of words that is always there inside your head?

Is it working for you or is it working against you? self talk

If it is working for you, then you are likely to be upbeat, happy and confident about your life and the opportunities that the world presents. positive self talk

Positive self talk

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The Rise in Celebrities Working with Life Coaches

If you are trying to think of a famous personality that would endorse the use of a life coach, Oprah Winfrey would undoubtedly be one of the first to pop into your mind. She has made no secret of often benefiting from the wisdom of a celebrity life coach, but she is most certainly not the only celebrity to do so. Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Sandra Bullock and Angelina Jolie are all strong, independent women who have succeeded in their careers with a little bit of help from a life coach. celebrity life coach

Celebrity Life Coach

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Ever Thought About Online Life Coaching ?

Of all the performance improving and personal development techniques that have been established in the last century, life coaching is easily one of the newest, fastest growing and most effective. If you combine its popularity’s with the ever more prevalent “online” existence we now have, it is easy to see why online life coaching courses have become so prevalent as a means to bridge the gap of distance, time and success. Online life coaching

online life coaching

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Practical Tips on How to Manage Your ‘Free Time’ More Effectively

Feel you don’t have enough free time? Learn how to manage your free time more effectively and implement some new ideas. Soon you will feel that you have created an extra hour or two in your day to do exactly what you want to do !

Time Management

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Feeling stuck ? Unclear about your life purpose or the future ?

Over the years, I have worked with many different clients who have come for Life Coaching & / or Hypnosis. Sometimes its for a very particular issue like weight loss; presentation skills or confidence skills but in recent years, I’m finding more and more clients come feeling stuck,  unclear what they want out of life, thinking about their true life purpose and asking themselves if they plan to spend the second half of their life in a similar way to the first half.

life purpose

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