How Do You Define Success ?

Everyone is completely unique and individual with a wealth of knowledge and experience. In order to live an authentic life, we need to work out what success means to us as individuals.

Success can be quite an illusive concept and unless we define success – and we know what it looks like, feels like, sounds like – we are unlikely to feel happy and fulfilled.

This is an area where life coaching can be really useful to help clients find clarity and focus on what they really want to achieve from life and have a vision that they have of how they wish their life to be.


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Hypnotherapy in Edinburgh & West Lothian

Imagine taking an hour out of your day to become deeply relaxed and at the same time, begin the process of making positive life changes.

Hypnotherapy is a brilliant tool to help clients do just that and access the deep, inner part of themselves called the unconscious mind.

This area of the mind is like the control room for automatic skills, intuition and information processing and is also the store room of hidden beliefs, fears and attitudes that can interfere with everyday life.

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30 Minute Coaching Sessions

Are you looking to reach new weight loss and fitness goals over the next few weeks?

Perhaps I can help. I’ve been working with a number of clients recently on weight loss and fitness goals ahead of Summer holidays.

With some clients, we’ve been trialling quick 30 min sessions, instead of the 1 hour sessions.

This works really well where overeating isn’t particularly linked to other more in-depth issues and more often than not is about poor habits or taking shortcuts.

When overeating is linked to more in-depth issues, I work with clients to resolve that issue first. In most cases, then its much easier to lose weight when the underlying issue is resolved as the need for comfort, sugar, salt, self medication has been removed

These have been working so well, that I’ve decided to roll them out as a new option for all clients.

weight loss and fitness goals

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6 Ways to Success in Public Speaking

Success in Public Speaking.

Public speaking can be a nerve-wracking business for some and for others it seems to come very naturally.

While you may never wish to make your living from public speaking, by following our tips below you can feel much more prepared and at ease.

In fact, sometimes once you get into the way of public speaking and have a few successes under your belt you can’t help but improve and want to do more of it – there are loads of opportunities for that too.

success in public speaking

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Walk Your Talk

Life Coaching is a really powerful process for helping you to see your life differently,  acknowledge the areas you want to change then make a plan of how to get there.

However, you need to take the action needed for the plan to work – it doesn’t just happen, you need to walk your talk.

So if you’ve had a really powerful life coaching session, you are normally keen to get started right away and often people charge full steam ahead immediately following the appointment.

Walk your Talk

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